Thursday, December 2, 2010

being broke...the bright side . part one.

our family has taken some serious financial hit in last couple of years.

curiously, there are some things that have been improved by the absence of that much needed second income (mine).

food has never tasted so good.. in an effort to keep costs down i have had  to expand my grocery horizons - shopping the sales and creating meals around the cheapest ingredients Shoprite has to offer. i have learned to bake bread. nothing is tastier than just baked bread ...expensive packaged breads pale in comparison. i make my own mayonnaise. of course you can find a deal on the major brands here and there..but fresh mayonnaise is decadent, delicious and cheap. spread it on the bread you just made...well who needs anything else? except maybe coffee, formerly deep roasted gourmet Bustelo...3.49 a can. As rich and bold as any expensive fresh ground and seriously satisfying on a cold Catskill morning.